Colour Run 2018

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Here we go again!

Last year, our inaugural colour run was a huge hit, and this year we want it to be bigger and better.

You know the drill – kids get to blow off some steam before holidays start, be active and social, and help the school in ways that are meaningful to them. They also get to earn prizes for their fundraising efforts!

The colour run will be held on the last day of term 3 – Friday 28th September.
For Preschool, the run will be held on Wednesday of week 10 (26th September).

Last year we contributed to playground enhancements including sensory play options on the junior site and table tennis tables on the senior site.  Unfortunately, growth of the school has put some playground plans on hold.

This year, we want to do something that that focuses on building a sense of community throughout the whole school.  We’ve been told that when GCS teams (both sporting and academic) compete against other schools, particularly at large multi-school events, GCS doesn’t have as strong a “brand” as some other schools. We thought we could help catch up, but then we thought we could do more than that and aim to be the best! Other schools should want to copy us! First few steps are banners and flags, maybe a shade marquee – something to show off who we are.  After that, the sky is the limit, and one possibility is getting a school mascot!

Keep an eye out in week 5 in school bags for your child’s fundraising and information booklet. We will add more info to this page as we go, including building on the Q&A from last year.

If you have any questions, feedback, or if you want to volunteer on the day, please feel free to get in touch via Facebook or email.

The colour powder is non-toxic corn starch with permitted food colours, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly. That said, we will be placing tester bottles of the coloured powder at the front office of both campuses if you are worried about allergies. Last year, some of our most allergic students were not affected by the powder.

Questions and Answers

Q: What time is the run on?
A: Timings on the day may be flexible, so if you want to be there for your child’s time, please arrive on time.  Times listed are planned to be the earliest start time for that year group.

Preschool will run on Wednesday 26th, at 9:15am and at 1pm. The rest of the school will run on Friday 28th September at:

  • 9:15am – Year K-2
  • 11am – Year 3-6
  • 1pm – Year 7-10

Q: I didn’t receive a booklet, can I still participate?
A: Create an online profile at and get started!

Q: When are forms and money due back?
A: Tentatively, aim for Tuesday 25th September, though there is some flexibility. Make sure you absolutely have everything back before the end of the term, or it will all be lost to the holidays!

Q: Where will the run be held?
A: Both Gold Creek campuses will be used. Preschool and students will remain on the junior site, though older students will be running between the two.

Q: How far will children run?
A: Preschoolers set the benchmark last year of 1.5km, some doing extra laps! The senior site was encouraged to run about 5km. We scale the distance up by year group in between that.

Q: Can parents join in?
A: Of course! The focus is on the kids, but parents can join in in a number of ways – anything from cheering them on, to helping colourise them, to jogging along with them (for as much or as little as you like).
There is no obligation for parents to attend, and history shows that many will be unable to make it due to work, etc. If you can come along, turn up on the day. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.
If you would like to volunteer, please let us know what time you are available here:

Q: Will the colour come out of clothing?
A: Last year I couldn’t keep the colour in my white shirt if I tried.

We recommend wearing an older, light coloured shirt so the colour stands out during the run. Places like K-mart have $3 white shirts if you would like to be sure.

Q: Is this a compulsory event?
A: It is our intention that all students will join in the “fun run” part of the event. Children can opt out of the colour part of the fun run by advising their teacher.

If a parent has advised us that their children should not be coloured, the child will not be able to change their mind on the day. If, on the other hand, the parents don’t opt out, the children may still opt out on the day.