Colour Run 2017

Let’s try something big!

Late last year, the P&C decided that we wanted to try something different, something active and healthy, and something that could raise a lot of money for the school.  We discussed a fun run, but it was missing something… colourful!

Enter the colour run.  Kids get to blow off some steam before holidays start, be active and social, and help the school in ways that are meaningful to them.  They also get to earn prizes for their fundraising efforts, and get you in the draw to win a $5,000 cruise!

The colour run will be held on the last day of term 3 – Friday 22nd September.
For Preschool, the run will be held on Wednesday of week 10 (20th September).

All through 2017, we are raising money for playground enhancements.  On the junior site we are planning a sensory play area, and on the senior site we are planning to fund some student-led improvements to the concourse.

Here’s how to get started (or see the Sponsorship Booklet):

  1. Create a parent profile on
  2. Create a student profile page for each of your children (we strongly recommend you select the online fundraising option)
  3. Have your child set a fundraising goal and select a prize to aim for (this can be changed later)
  4. Share the link with family and friends

That’s it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via Facebook or email.

The colour powder is non-toxic corn starch with permitted food colours, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly.  That said, we will be placing tester bottles of the coloured powder at the front office of both campuses if you are worried about allergies.

Questions and Answers

Q: What time is the run on?
A: We are still scheduling each year group to avoid particular clashes. We will advise specific times closer to the day.

Q: When are forms and money due back?
A: Tentatively, aim for Tuesday 19th September, though there is some flexibility.  Make sure you absolutely have everything back before the end of the term, or it will all be lost to the holidays!

Q: Where will the run be held?
A: Both Gold Creek campuses will be used.  Preschool and students will remain on the junior site, though older students will be running between the two.

Q: How far will children run?
A: Logistics are still being finalised, but we intend to increase the distance from 1km for pre-schoolers to 5km for year 10.

Q: Can parents join in?
A: Of course! The focus is on the kids, but parents can join in in a number of ways – anything from cheering them on, to helping colourise them, to jogging along with them (for as much or as little as you like).
There is no obligation for parents to attend, and history shows that many will be unable to make it due to work, etc.  If you can come along, turn up on the day.  Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Q: Will the colour come out of clothing?
A: We have been told that it does not stain, and we have actually had trouble making it stay in clothes and hair!

The powder is made of corn starch and food colouring, but it appears the starch has absorbed all of the colour, so it doesn’t seem that bad.

We recommend wearing an older, light coloured shirt so the colour stands out.  Places like K-mart have $3 white shirts if you would like to be sure.

Q: Is this a compulsory event?
A: It is our intention that all students will join in the “fun run” part of the event.  Children can opt out of the colour part of the fun run by advising their teacher.  They will wear a P.E. bib to show they are not to be colourised.

If a parent has advised us that their children should not be coloured, the child will not be able to change their mind on the day.  If, on the other hand, the parents don’t opt out, the children may still opt out on the day.