P&C Executive

An election for office bearers of the P&C was held at the P&C Annual General Meeting early in 2017. The following members were elected to the P&C Executive.

David Pollard
President, Gold Creek School P&C

Michael Rush
Treasurer, Gold Creek School P&C

Makenzie Tibbetts
Secretary, Gold Creek School P&C

Briony Taylor
Committee Member, Gold Creek School P&C

Erin Lambert
Committee Member, Gold Creek School P&C

Jason Hall
Committee Member, Gold Creek School P&C


6 responses to “P&C Executive

  1. G’day Team,
    I reckon it would be beaut if we could have a photo of each of you on the website. I think it would raise the profile of the P&C at school.
    Cheers, David

  2. To P&C executive.
    I’m taking part in a World Challenge expedition next year with 17 other students. The cost of this trip is over $6,000. We have to fundraise throughout the year. As no refreshments are being provided by the P&C at the trivia night, would it be possible for some of us and some parents to provide coffees and cakes. We would bring our own coffee machines. this is would be a great help to us.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Ewan Elliott, 9TW.

  3. Hello P&C

    We have been approached by a student from Gold Creek Senior School asking (pleading!) to provide a School Visit by one of our MS Readathon Ambassadors and Volunteers in the lead-up to this year’s MS Readathon. Thise student has been a wonderful supporter of the cause and event for several years now and we would really like to be able to accommodate her request!
    Visits generally take place in June and July and presentations are normally 10 min long and are conducted at assemblies, libraries etc. As most schools are currently engaged in PRC, this would be an ideal time to also do MS Readathon at the same time. We have contacted the school but have not received a response.
    We would appreciate you considering this request by one of your students how not only supports a wonderful cause but also is doing her best to promote it in her community.
    If you have any further queries, please contact me on 1300 677 323.
    Thank you for your time.

  4. Hi
    Just wondering if you could bring this subject up with the school.
    I have just read the school newsletter, there was a big write up on sports for the primary school, lots of new programmes and sports comps visiting Gunners players etc. The high school has no sport programme at all. Every year the sports competitions come out and the school gets kids to try out for teams, gives them about 4-6 training sessions , and that’s it. Needless to say we do not do very well.
    If those teams could be keep together and kids added through out the year and given at least one training session very two weeks it would make a big difference. One of the reasons people from Gungahlin send their kids to Lyneham High is because of their sports programme.
    We have a great G&T programme but nothing for kids that love sport,
    Lyneham tie there sports in with academic results, we don’t have to do that. But some basic programme would be good.
    Sandra Elliott

  5. Hi i know we have been discussing getting banners for the houses in P&C i was thinking that maybe we could take it a step forward and rename the 4 school houses and maybe even come up with new colours before hand? we would make it a competition and students can come up with new colours and names it would increase student involvement and this can extend the student legacy in the school. In the way that they have done something that will stay in the school for years to come. Just an idea, I will bring it up at P&C next time.

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