Nicholls Housing Development

The proposed community housing development between our primary site and the Nicholls shops has generated a very passionate response from the local community. Some of those views have been reported in the media, and some, incorrectly attributed to the P&C.

The P&C is committed to consulting widely within the school community and advocating in the collective best interests of our students.

In relation to the proposed development, the P&C has sought clarification on the proposed occupants of the 14 dwellings. We have also raised concerns over appropriate access to nearby services for the occupants; the adverse impact on traffic flow; whether the proposed development represents the optimum use of the site; and how the development may affect the school’s operations.

The P&C welcomes feedback from interested parents and will continue to liaise with relevant stakeholders.

More information on the proposed development is available at


One response to “Nicholls Housing Development

  1. The article gave the distinct impression that the school as against the proposal. Maybe a clarification should be issued to the media. The school came off badly in the article, and that is being continued in comments on social media.

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