Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Some key fundraising and social events for 2015 at Gold Creek. Please email if you can volunteer at these, they only work with enough volunteers 🙂 Primary Site Disco: Fri 6/11. Prep from 4pm; starts 5.30pm. End-of-Term BBQ Primary Site: Mon week 9 each term. 12-2pm. Dates for 2015 are 30/3, 22/6, 14/9, 7/12. 5c Friday: Term 1 Bunnings BBQ: 10 May Trivia night: date 26/6 Mother’s Day Breakfast: 8/5 tbc (Week 2, Term 2) Father’s Day Breakfast: 4/9 tbc (Week 7, Term 3) 10c Tuesday: Term 4 Some other fun events are in planning, so watch this space!


5 responses to “Upcoming Events

  1. Hi There, I am available to help collate tickets for the disco in Term one if you still need helpers for this.
    Unfortunately I can’t make it to help out at the disco.
    I can be contacted on …….
    Or julietriggs75 @ gmail . com

    Cheers Julie

  2. Hi, Good Morning, I am willing to participate in the Mother’s Day Breakfast: 8/5 tbc (Week 2, Term 2) Father’s Day Breakfast: 4/9 tbc (Week 7, Term 3 Bunnings BBQ: 10 May

    Please let me know if avaliable and required than what time i should be there for Volunteering. ThanskImran Khan

    Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 06:12:17 +0000 To: imranhabib71@hotmail.com

    • Hello Imran
      Thank you so much for volunteering at these upcoming events. Both the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day breakfasts at the school will start around 8am. I can provide you with further information closer to these days. As for the Bunnings BBQ if you can please contact Sandra Elliott on elliottsinoz2@bigpond.com she is collating all volunteers for this event.
      Thanks again.

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