Agenda – P&C Meeting, Wed 26 March. New parents welcome!

The next P&C meeting will be held on Wednesday 26 March in the Primary Site Office, starting at 6:30pm followed by an informal barbecue. The P&C is a great way to get involved with the school and we welcome new parents, particularly from the Pre-School, Kindergarten and Defence families.

The agenda for the meeting is:

Item 1 – Welcome and opening remarks

a. Welcome and opening remarks (President)
– Welcome to Pre-school, Defence and new families

b. Acceptance of previous minutes (26 February 2014)

Item 2 – Committee Reports

a. President’s report
– P&C overview

b. Treasurer’s report

Item 3 – Activities and Fundraisers

a. Term 1
– Primary disco (Friday 4 April)
– End of term barbecue (Monday 24 March)
– Family dinner (Monday 7 April)

b. Term 2
– Mother’s Day
– 5c Friday
– End of term barbecue
– Family dinner

c. Trivia Night (Friday 25 July)

d. Pre-school plan for the year

Item 4 – Other Business

a. Communications
– Registering with the P&C website

b. Plan for P&C meetings/activities during school hours

c. Funding proposals

d. Working with vulnerable people cards (see note below)

e. Car park update

Item 5 – Close and Next Meeting

a. Confirmation of next General Committee Meeting (Wednesday 21 May)

Item 6 – BBQ and Document Witnessing

a. BBQ with new families

b. ‘Sight and Sign’ session for documents that need witnessing (eg. Working with Vulnerable People forms)

A copy of the agenda is available for download.

Working with Vulnerable People

The Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (the Act) commenced on 8 November 2012, with individuals working or volunteering in ‘Activities or Services for Children’ having until 7 November 2013 to become registered.

  • As of Friday 8 November 2013 people who provide services to children are required to be registered. However under the legislation, a person may perform a regulated activity even if they are not yet registered. Once they have lodged an application they may perform a regulated activity as long as they are under the direct supervision of a registered person.
  • People who have not applied may not perform the following regulated activities; Child Education Services, Childcare Services, Child Protection Services, Justice Facilities for Children, Accommodation service for children or counselling and support service for children.
  • If you require registration to perform one of these regulated activities please apply as soon as possible to ensure you are compliant with the Legislation.

Individuals working or volunteering with other groups of vulnerable people will need to register between years 2 and 6 of the schemes operation.

The Act aims to reduce the risk of harm or neglect to vulnerable people in the A.C.T.

The Act requires people who have contact with vulnerable people while engaging in regulated activities and services to register with the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS).

To assist with processing the ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ cards, an application form is available below. There will be an opportunity for forms to be signed and witnessed at the P&C meeting if applicants bring two passport sized photos.


Paul Singer
Secretary, Gold Creek School P&C


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