World Challenge students need your help!

Finding it hard to get a good family portrait? Old one out of date? Or maybe just need a good mother’s day gift? No problems! We have you covered with
Laura Jeans Professional photographers. They believe that a quick, fun, 15 minute portrait sitting with your family will capture the best and brightest expressions possible.

The school’s World Challenge team is hosting this fundraiser to raise money and assist their projects with orphanages in Vietnam and Cambodia. It will be a four week expedition, full of challenges and incredible opportunities. At the orphanage, the team will help repair rooms and work with the children.

We would like to support them as much as we possibly can, but we can’t do it without your help. If you and your family are interested make sure to book your spot in advance!

For only $20 you can secure a 10” by 13” family portrait valued at $90

Our event will be held on Sunday 30 March 2014 in the Senior Site library.

Call Leona Anton on 6205 1814 to register your booking or complete a voucher when it comes home and return to Leona ASAP.

Spaces are limited – so be quick!


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