Walk Safely to School Day – Friday 24 May

Walk Safely to School Day is an annual, national event when all Primary School children will be encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. It is a community event seeking to promote Road Safety, Health, Public Transport and the Environment.

Walk Safely to School Day encourages us all to consider our transport habits and try to incorporate more walking as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Although walking to school isn’t realistic for some of us, it’s quite easy to include regular walking into our daily routine.

A couple of easy options to promote a healthier lifestyle are:

  • Walk with your children the whole way to school
  • If your children catch the bus, walk past your usual bus stop and catch the bus from the next stop
  • If you drive, park a few blocks from the school and walk the rest of the way.

On Friday 24 May, Gold Creek School will be participating in Walk Safely to School Day. There will be four meeting points around the Nicholls and Ngunnawal area where children can join teachers and other students for the walk to school.

Meeting point 1

Location:          Ngunnawal Shops, Wanganeen Avenue (at the post box)
Time:                  8:30am
Teachers:          Jo Hampton, Megan Searson-Patrick

Meeting Point 1

Meeting point 2

Location:          Anne Clark Avenue playground
Time:                  8:30am
Teachers:          Keryn Hoeschle, Jo Singh

Meeting Point 2

Meeting point 3

Location:          Senior site, bike path adjacent to the tennis courts
Time:                  8:30am
Teachers:          Tony Webber, Katie Young

Meeting Point 3

Meeting point 4

Location:          Nicholls Playing Fields, Claire Hermes Drive (at the change rooms)
Time:                  8:30am
Teachers:          Henry Warre, Jane Phippen

Meeting Point 4

Regular exercise helps beat chronic problems like obesity, heart disease, behavioural and mental health issues, and diabetes.

Help promote a healthy lifestyle for our children and encourage safe behaviour around roads and traffic by joining us for Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 24 May.


Paul Singer
Secretary, Gold Creek School P&C


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