Recognising and thanking our volunteers!

National Volunteer Week (13 – 19 May) is Australia’s largest celebration of volunteers and volunteerism. Today there are over 6 million people volunteering annually in Australia, representing 36% of the adult population.
This week represents a wonderful opportunity to recognise the valuable contribution our volunteers provide by offering their time, skills and passion, continuing to demonstrate Australia’s proud culture of giving.
Your P&C depends on volunteers and we appreciate their important contribution to the Gold Creek School community. The P&C operates across both Primary and Senior School sites. All parents and carers are welcome to volunteer at the school.
All parents and carers are encouraged to take the “2 hour challenge” – find at least two hours during the year to attend an assembly, help with a fundraiser, help with reading or other classroom activities (discuss opportunities with your child’s teacher), or attend a P&C meeting.
You’ll find it rewarding, it all helps build the school community and support your child’s education environment.
Paul Singer
Secretary, Gold Creek School P&C

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