Welcome back to Term 1!

Welcome back for Term 1 and welcome to all new families at the school.

The Gold Creek School P&C operates across both Primary and Senior School sites. All parents/carers are welcome to attend meetings, which are held following School Board meetings and usually last for an hour. Meeting dates will be in the school’s fortnightly Newsletters.

The current P&C Committee is: Lyndal Reid (Vice President), Tania Lutan (Treasurer) and Carmel Looby (Secretary).

I encourage parents and carers to take the “2 hour challenge” – find at least two hours during the year to attend an assembly, help with a fundraiser, help with reading or other classroom activities (discuss opportunities with your child’s teacher), attend P&C meetings etc. You’ll find it rewarding, it all helps build the school community and support your child’s education environment.

In Term 1, there will be a Primary Site disco in conjunction with Holy Spirit, our regular sausage sizzle in week 9, the P&C AGM and planning for the rest of the year.

We would like to compile a register of possible volunteers to contact closer to events, please email me if you’d like to be included. You can also receive regular updates on events and issues this way.

If you would like to raise an issue about the school in general or discuss any P&C matter, please don’t hesitate to email me on mikentan@netspeed.com.au.

Michael Rush
President, Gold Creek School P&C


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