We meet on Wednesday evenings of week 4 (junior site office) and week 8 (senior site office), at 6:00pm. We finish by 8pm, but often it is closer to 7:30pm.

Everyone is welcome! You can bring your children if you like/need, though the regulars usually don’t, so bring something to keep them entertained. You don’t have to say anything unless you want to, and you can feel free to raise any issues/concerns with the committee to raise on your behalf. Any way you would like to be involved is fine.

The agenda for meetings is largely the same each month:

  1. Apologies (people who let us know they can’t make it to a meeting)
  2. Accept the previous meeting’s minutes
  3. Principals report / keynote presentation (the school gives an update on a topic requested by parents, or offered by the school)
  4. Recent events/activities (overview of things that have happened since the last meeting)
  5. Upcoming events/activities (same as #4, but for things that are happening soon)
  6. Other business (a chance to raise any issue you would like for consideration this meeting or next time if we run out of time)
  7. Close and next meeting (a reminder of when the next meeting will be)

Every meeting we take minutes of actions, decisions, and key points. There is nothing like being there to take in all the information, but you can catch up ion the important bits if you miss out. Minutes are available here: