You can participate in the P&C a few ways:

  • As an office bearer (president, vice president, secretary or treasurer)
  • As a committee member
  • By coming along to meetings and joining in the conversations
  • Volunteering at activities and events

Office bearers and committee members don’t hold any more power in the P&C than any other parent, though they do commit some responsibility throughout the year. If you haven’t seen what P&C is about before, then a good place to start is attending a few meetings.

Our regular meetings are on Wednesday evenings in week 4 and week 8, from 6pm until 7:30/8pm. In week 4 we meet at the junior site office, and week 8 we meet at the senior site office.

Our first meeting of the year is also our Annual General Meeting (AGM). In this meeting we present our audited financial statements for the previous year, and then elect office bearers and committee members for the year ahead. This meeting can be a little full on, but don’t worry, you won’t walk away with a specific role unless you want it!

If you want to help the school community in a way that we don’t currently consider, we can still support you to develop something new! Get in touch.

See you soon!

David Pollard and the Gold Creek School P&C